About Luxe Ladi

Listen Ladies, we understand that going to the Nail Salons can be such a hassle! Stepping into a over crowded salon, the anxiety of picking a color, long waiting hours, and high prices. Here at Luxe Ladi you can enjoy salon quality handmade Press on Nails and can have a quick personalized manicure delivered right to your front door.

Being a Luxe Ladi is not just a lifestyle, it's a mindset.

Meet the CEO

Hello Ladies!

My name is Ray and I am the proud owner Luxe Ladi! A little about me, I am 24 years old based in Buffalo, NY. I will be wrapping up my B.A in Psycology with Mental Health Concetration in June 2022. My whole life I have been passionate about Art and Beauty and this is where I can bring both together to make you all these beautiful creations.